Radio Broadcast - Sunday 10th May

Readers may be interested in catching a BBC broadcast on the subject of blogs that have made books. This blog and the consequent book are included. I was interviewed by the trout stream in Derbyshire that has been a great love of Willie's life. The article should be included in the "Broadcasting House" Programme that is broadcast between 9am and 10 am on Sunday morning. Click to listen

If anyone has the book, I would appreciate comments/criticsm. BL


Anonymous said...

The problem is that we book buyers have been following the blog in 'real tima' for some years, and we don't wnat to learn the ending in 'advance'. My book is waiting on the shelf ready to be read and appreciated in the future when the blog finishes.
Nevertheless, I can say how much I appreciate the work and effort you ahve put into the project and a glance at the book shows it to be ahndsome indeed.
Thank you for all you have done

Louise Lewis

Janell said...

We in the United States wait impatiently for the book to arrive. Perhaps the blog will end, at the time the book arrives. But I imagine I will start at the end, no matter when that is.

Anonymous said...

I've had a pre-order in with Amazon(US) since January; they've been saying 'we'll tell you as soon as its available' since mid-April. So when I was at a bricks-and-morter bookstore yesterday, I asked about it; the book is not listed on their upcoming titles. Sigh. I'll hang on a little longer, but the Amazon (UK) option is going to look better and better each day!

Rocco said...

As a foreigner follower I'm not able to write in English a learned comment (found this expression on my English-Italian dictionary) on my GREAT appreciation of Bill's book. I expected a book taken from the blog, letters and some comments, I found instead a real history-chronicle book in which I'm accompanied and I learn the little and great reasons of Harry's adventure.
I'm loving (arrived at page 100, 1st period in Italy), Bill's contributions between the letters, they are really involving and extremely clear. A lost teacher but a gained writer.
Criticism?: too short!!

Nigel Osborne said...

I have only recently caught up with your blog - but immediately ordered your book because my grandfather also served in the 9th Yorks and Lancs in Italy from September 1918. Before this he served in the 12th D.L.I. (68th Brigade) at Messines, Polygon Wood, Menin Road, Piave and Asiago, so his service was along very similar lines to that of Harry.
This book provides a really good insight into the day to day life of the infantry soldier - up until now I had relied on unit war diaries for research - the book and blog adds the human touch. I am now determined to visit the sites in Italy. Well done and thank you.

Chris said...

Is Jack in Strelly. Does it mean he is back in England?

Anonymous said...

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