Private Harry Lamin - Introduction

Harry Lamin was born in August 1887 in the East Midlands of England. In 1917, aged 29, he joined up to fight in the First World War.

The picture shows Harry at school. I've marked him - he's on the second row from the front. Unfortunately, there's no date but he looks about 7 so the picture must have been taken around 1894.

During his time in the army, he wrote letters home to his brother and sister. They were kept and handed down to me, his grandson.

I have transcribed the letters and added commentary so that references can make sense.

What has been produced is a moving and poignant account of an ordinary man's experiences in an extraordinary situation.

I have edited nothing. The spellings and grammar are exactly as Harry wrote them.

The intention of this blog is to publish the letters exactly 90 years after Harry wrote them. His first letter from the training camp was written on February 7th 1917. It will be published on the blog on February 7th 2007.

Each letter will appear on the correct date from then on. There are gaps where no letters are available for several weeks. I have no explanations. Maybe they were lost. I have no idea.

If you wish to find out Harry's fate then you'll have to access the blog as the new letters arrive.

Please feel free to let me know if you are interested in following the blog. There is within, a fascinating insight into the fate of the ordinary soldier in those horrific times.

Those who are even more interested in the Great War should look to study online.   WW1.