Letter to Jack 30th April 1918

April 30th 1918

32507/ 9th Batt Y & L
C. Company
12 Platoon L.G.S.
Dear Jack
I am writing a few lines to you hoping that you are both in good health. It is a long time since I wrote to you till this week so I expect you will get two letters at about the same time. I should be pleased if you will send me a small book on the Lewis Gun and one which I think is called the soldier it gives you all information about guards, salutes and all army regulations etc. if you cant get one, send the best you can. I expect we shall have to do guards out here. I think they are getting on a bit better at llkeston now. I don't know when I shall get a leave, all leave is stopped out here for a bit. I hope you got that letter telling you I was amongst the snow and rain on the Asiago Plateau front, it did seem strange to be amongst the mountains for a month. I was very sorry to hear that Mr Thomas's son as got killed it is very sad. Write as often as you can as I cant get letters off very well when I am in the line.
With Best Love to you both

More Images of Italy, Photographs.

I have received some lovely material from an additional contributor, Rocco Chiarolanza. Rocco lives locally in Italy and has taken photographs of the British military Cemeteries on the Asiago Plateau. Follow the link to the beautiful images.

Rocco has also kindly offered to take photographs of any individual graves if relatives wish. Please email me if you have a special request. Many thanks Rocco.

Link to Rocco's photographs.

Jono Wood has also provided two more of his topographical images showing the latest movements.
Click here for topographical views

Letter to Kate April 26th 1918

April 26th/4/1918
32507/9th Batt York & Lancs Regt
C Company
12 Platoon L.G.S.
Dear Kate
Just a line to let you know that I am going on alright and that I am in good health. I had a letter from Ilkeston telling me about dad, I was very sorry to hear it but it as been wonderful how he as kept up. The weather here as been very changeable just lately plenty of rain but we have had it hot now and again. We can get plenty to eat were we are just now, such as fruit and eggs. The scenery is also very pretty. did you get over to Ilkeston, if you did, how long did you stop. I have had a letter from Jack and he told me that Mr Thomas's eldest son had been killed in Palestine that is the second son he has lost it is very hard lines and I was sorry to hear it. They were both officers. one was in the West Riding's Batt. There is only one son left but he is only about 17 1/2 years.
I have put a letter for you in Ethels envelope I hope you get it alright, let me know if you get it. Write every week if you can, it does not matter if it is only just a line or two.
With Best Love

Letter to Jack, April 22nd 1918

April 22nd 1918

32507/9th Batt Y & L Regt.
C . Company
12 Platoon L.G.S.
Dear Jack
I am sorry I have not been able to write to you lately but we have been on a fresh front on the Asiago Plateau it was different altogether from the Piave. We went up the mountain first time in motor cars as far as we could get. When we was on the plains it was very hot. but when we got to the trenches it was knee deep in snow and freezing. After we had been up a bit it started to rain, we gt wet through time after time. There was nothing doing only patrols we had a rough time now and again, we had to do outpost duty, we should be about two hundred yards in front of our own wire, you can bet what it was like out there in the rain and snow but we are down on the plains now and I am in the best of health. By the time you get this letter I shall have been out here 12 months altogether. I was rather upset to hear that father is dead. I had a letter from Ilkeston telling me that he had died April 7th. I have not been able to send any letters for about three weeks so they will wonder where I have got too. I am pleased you keep writing to me, I hope you are both keeping inthe best of health. We don't seem to be getting on very well with the war in France it would not surprise me if some of our chaps dont have to go back. Write back as soon as you can and let me know all the news you can. I suppose you have had the Zepps around your way again. I hope they are all keeping well at Ilkeston. I have met one or two fellows from Ilkeston and one from Kimberly in our battalion. I will write again soon I don't think we shall go up the mountains when we go in the trenches again, it does seem strange to be up above the clouds, I can tell you we see some fine sights, you would like to be here in peace time for a holiday. I am going to write to Kate now.
With best Love to you
both. Harry

The Battalion War Diary makes some mention of the rain and snow!
Harry's notepaper this time is rather different. On the front is printed "FOR SCRIBBLING OR NOTES ONLY.", on the reverse, "Question.......... Write only on this side of the paper, and not on either margin." Ex- school Teacher Jack must have sent him some old examination answer sheets! BL

Battlefield Tour - Harry's Flanders

A Battlefield Tour Company has designed a tour that is based on Harry's experiences, visiting the key locations mentioned in the blog.

Soverign War tours have kindly invited me along for a 3 day tour starting 30th May.

Jono Wood has also produced more of his topographical views so that the reader can get a very good idea of the lie of the land in Harry's latest location, the Asiago Plateau.

Scans of letter

Harry's letter to Kate, April 2nd 1918. A single sheet approx. 20cm x 17cm written on both sides. Jack's letter, written the same day is on a different type of paper. The envelope used is scanned in the previous post.
Click on the images to enlarge.