Letter to Jack, May 13 1919

Dear Jack
Just a line to let you know what I have received your letter. We are in a out of the way place just now, if you have an old shirt or a towel will you send it on as soom as possible as it is very hard to get changes up here there is about 40 of us guarding a dump it consists of all sorts guns etc.. Write as soon as you can and let me know all the news. I am please that you and Agnes are keeping in good health. If you have got an old shirt send it on as soon as possible. my address is at present.
9th Y+L
attached R.M.F
L.1. Box R
With Best love to you both Harry
I will write again in a day or two and tell you a bit more.

Sorry, that's all there is. I suppose that there's not the urgency now that the fighting's stopped. No hint of any return home yet. Rocco has found a little more local evidence that Harry is billeted at Rivalta Scrivia. BL


The Clever Pup said...

I love the idea of a site like this. Well done. I've been tracking some French Soldiers from the 54th artillery that I found on postcards from a french auction. I also have clipping and letters from a Canadian soldier of WW1.

This is great. I'm favouriting you and will read from the beginning soon.

Anonymous said...

'Send an old shirt'? Any idea why? I mean, I would've assumed that the Army kept the soldiers well clothed, but this sounds otherwise.

Also, Harry sounds pretty depressed; understandable, since the war's been over for months and he's STILL not home.

Yantram BPO said...

This is great. I am favouriting you and will read from the beginning soon.

Kittybriton said...

I wonder whether Harry is asking for something he can wear during off-duty hours?

Guarding a dump! How much longer can the Army drag it out?

Sgt Sam Avery said...

Hello Harry:
Sorry to hear you are down in the dumps. Ha! Cheer up, the Hun could still be shooting at you as they are me. I won't speak of the chance but I had a close time with a German dud the other day. Stop by for a read when you have the chance.


Anonymous said...

My copy of the book arrived yesterday morning: thanks, Bill! So far I've only skimmed through, but it looks great: lots of expanded explanation of what was happening, lots of photos. It's a beautiful testament to Harry and all the others who served in the Great War.

I'm diving in in-depth today, and I'm going to TRY to stop with May 1919.... not sure if I have the willpower, but I don't want to 'skip ahead' of Harry's letters in this blog!

with much appreciation; Gustav's great-granddaughter (AKA Paula, the computer Luddite)

Figgi Yarns said...

I've been following Harry for over a year and even the happy letters still make me cry. To give a little bow to the greatness of this blog, I'd like to humbly pass on the Lemonade Award - an informal acknowledgment of appreciation between bloggers - for being an inspirational blog. Click back to my blog to find out how to pass it along.