Letter to Jack, 26th April 1919

At last, someone's read the book and given their opinion. And it's an independant view. Thank you the Daily Express for the review. (Big sigh of relief - they like it!) Any other views?

The Times on-line has published an article I wrote on the use of blogs in school. That's where the idea for this blog came from originally. The article links to the blog and the book. BL

32507 9th Y&L
attached R.M.F
L.1. Box R
April 26/19

Dear Jack
Just a line to let you know that I am alright and in good health I have not had any letters for about six weeks now. but I have been moving about a lot I hope I am settled down now till they send me home for good send me a paper or two regular if you can. I have seen no news for a long time. The weather here as been very nice lately. we are in a little country place about like Strelly guarding ammunition etc. there is only about forty of us all together but there is a lot of Italians guarding it too. I hope Agnes is keeping well and all at home. I hope to get a letter from you soon. I expect Willie is getting quite a man now he is turned three expect I am for army of occupation as I have got my 10/6 bonus. How is things going on in England and what do you think about the Fuime job and America.
Write soon With Best Love to you both

APO = Army Post Office. L.1 Box R would be the specific address. Strelly is a small village close to Ilkeston in the East Midlands - when I was a child in the 1950s it was a favourite destination for a country walk or a bike ride. The 10/6 (10 shillings and sixpence = 52.5p) weekly bonus was paid to those soldiers who were entitled to be demobbed but were stuck doing some "useful" task. Harry was helping guard an ammunition dump at
Arquata Scriva a few miles from Rivalta Scriva.

For contemporary newspaper reports on the Fiume question - Click here. Thanks again Rocco. BL


Gordon in Chicago said...

What is the "Fuime job" reference?

Kittybriton said...

10/6 a week bonus doesn't sound bad! At this rate of going, they'll have you in the regulars yet!

Rocco said...

The following link (from Wikipedia) could be interesting for non Italian people: the FIUME job, as Harry calls it, was a terrible problem, whose consequences continue today for those Italians who were forced to leave Fiume or for those who decided to remain there. A hard destiny anyway for thousands people.


Anonymous said...

I dont get the connection with the Wiki-link and the comments on the "Fuime job". Is the link correct?

Anonymous said...

Fiume(Rijeka) is town in Croatia. Name means river (there is a river in town). In Austro-Hungarian monarchy it was separate territory goverend by hungarians but mostly Croatians and Italians lived there. After WWI Italy claimed Rijeka but Yugoslavia and people from Rijeka had different ideas. For brief time (until 1919) english, french and american troops where stationed in Rijeka. I don't think Harry would like that: it was probably not peaceful job. Reader from Croatia.

Sgt Sam Avery said...

Hello Harry:
Too bad about being involved in occupation instead of going home, but at least it's better than being occupied with keeping your head down as I am. Just got some ready made smokes tho, and believe me they are grand. Stop by for a read when you have the chance.


Anonymous said...

Great article for technology educators. I shared it with my colleagues here in the states. Thanks for all the great work.

Anonymous said...

I have read the review, really good, it sums it up perfectly


Kurt Sims said...

Congratulations on the review. Well done and I can't wait to see the book in the States.