The Book - Out of my Hands, at last. War Diary update.

The final proof copy of the book has been checked, re-checked and checked again. At last, the deadline for delivery to the printers has arrived and, it's gone. I daren't look at the proofs again for fear of finding a vital error.

Nothing to be done now, just wait until 23rd April when it should appear in a bookstore near you. The only way to get advance information on Harry's ultimate fate is to buy a copy! It's available for order on-line now with a huge, pre-publication discount.

Meanwhile, I've updated the war diary. The final entry for the 9th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment states that.
"On 29th [March] the CADRE left TAVERNELLE for ENGLAND." What about Harry? BL


Mark at Mark's Travel said...

**Waiting for book to be delivered so can find out ending**

Hosting said...

It is about 3 weeks to 23rd october. :-(

Janell said...

Congratulations, Bill. Your amazing achievement and incredible tribute to your grandfather has come to an end. Your labor of love has produced a masterpiece that is a lasting, historical record. Thank you for your dedication to the cause.

Tim said...

Just ordered my copy today. Congratulations on a tremendous achievement. Proud moment for you, and a fitting memorial to a brave soldier.

Anonymous said...

Just had an email from Amazon, "Estimated arrival date: 23/04/09 - 25/04/09". I don't mind the waiting is a bit delicious, will make the reading all the better.