Letter to Jack from Private Hunt, K.O.Y.L.I.

Overmead Aux. Hosp
9th July 1918
Dear Sir

Just a line or two in answer to your welcome letter which I received last week. I have been a good while in answering it but all the same I did not forget your kind letter which you sent to me in such a trying time as it as been for me but I hope for better times to come soon and I am sure they will come to all of us before many years have passed by. I shall be very pleased to meet you any time you are down Grafton Street just give me a call I shall be on my hospital leaf for ten days starting on the 14 of July. I was much pleased with your letter when I opened it and found it had come from a Church of England Curate and that you had officiated at the Burial of my wife. I thing will brighten up a little and we shall all get home before so many week as passed.
Yours very sincerely
Private W Hunt

Another additional letter in the bundle. Very sad...I've transcribed it as accurately as I can but I suppose that the poor man was quite upset.BL


Anonymous said...

So sad: he's wounded, I'd guess his wife died while he was at the front (and he seems to have even missed her burial!)and it sounds like he in the midst of a prolonged hospitalization. I don't suppose any one knows what became of Pvt. Hunt, and if things ever got better for him?!?

Anonymous said...

What a sad letter. Poor Pvt. Hunt.


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Not sure if he survived, but here is a link on Private W. Hunt:


Anonymous said...

Nice BLog