Letter to Jack, Aug 4th 1918

Aug 4th

32507/ 9th Batt Y & Lancs
C Coy 12 Platoon L.G.S.
Dear Jack

I hope you are getting on alright as I am in good health at present. The weather out here is very hot at present and the grapes and the figs are looking well but they are not ripe yet. I expect we shall be up the mountain when they are ready for picking. last time we were up we were there for eight or nine weeks it is a long time to be up and see nothing only plenty of fir trees so I think we have earned four or five weeks rest which I hope we shall get well we have had just over a fortnight now. The scenery is alright here we area at a place were Shakespeare wrote his poem about Romeo and Juliet. There is two castles just above our billets on a big hill and it is said that it was in one of these that he wrote this peace. it would just suit you to have a roam about here, but it is very quiet. I see from the papers that the Americans have arrived in Italy and have been to Rome. I wish they would take us to a place like thatwere we could seething. I have had a letter from Kate and she said that she was thinking of going home for August and she was going to send Connie to a school at Liverpool. I hope she gets on alright it will be hard for herto leave home but I hope she gets treated alright if not she would be better at home. Well it is Sunday today, and the fourth anniversary of the war, we have just been to church service. I think it looks like going on another year although some people think it will be over this year. I hope so at any rate. I expect I shall be getting a leave late on in September or early October, well I hope so. What do you think about the war. Do you think it will be long. We are up at 3.30 A.M. and finish at 9 A.m. Then we ahve an hour at night, that is while the weather is so hot, and while we are out for a rest. I am sending you a photo or two if you get them will you send one or two to Kate and Annie when you write they are photos of the castle. I have been up to them.
With best Love to you both

I have found five of the postcards that Harry refers to in his letter. The Castle is known locally as "Romeo's Castle." I'm not sure that Shakespeare ever went there. BL


Unknown said...

I believe that Harry asking Jack what he thinks about the War reflects his hope that Jack, who he looks up to, will say something like "I believe that it will end soon". We can only imagine how tired Harry is and how many terrible things that he has seen. He is concerned about Connie too. Harry wants to come home to be with all of his loved ones and end this nightmare. Just like all of the men he's with. Hopefully he and those with him wil be alright.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know if the British forces had access to pre-formatted postals the same way the U.S. troops did. These seem to be of a local variety, very appealing.

nononsensegrammytree said...

LOVE the pictures!

I hope Harry gets to go home soon, all safe and sound.



those pictures really blog me away. those must have been amazing times to live in