Letter to Jack, 19th August 1918

This was written on Y.M.C.A notepaper with spaces for the date, Company Battalion etc. So the heading is slightly different to the ones we're used to.

I believe the picture referred to may be one of these two. I would have thought that the one with Connie is about the right age- two and a half. (But my father looks so sweet on the other...) Any comments?

Reply to...........Company C Bat 9th Regt. York & Lancs Aug 19th 1918
12 Platoon L.G.S.
Dear Jack
I hope you got the post cards I sent in my last letter. Ethel is having Willies photo taken so I expect I shall be getting one. We are up the mountains again now it is much cooler than being on the plains, the worst part about it is getting here it is such a big climb I can tell you, and it takes us a long time to get up we are all beat when we get to the top. The village we are at now used to be occupied by Italians who were well off. they used to come up here in the summer, it was too hot on the plains for them but of course no one lives here now as it has been knocked about a bit. I think the Americans are coming up here, well I hope we are not up this quarter for the winter as it is terribly cold for six or seven months and plenty of snow. I shall be glad to see you all again, but I expect I shall be home on leave sometime in the next month if I have good luck, so I expect to see you. I am glad that you are both keeping in good health as I am pretty well at present. I am sending this letter in Ethel's so I hope you get it alright. Write as often as you can. I am always pleased to get a line from you.

With best love to you both


Debbie said...

Phew! I always breathe a little sigh of relief when a new letter gets posted. Since the armistice with Germany comes in just a few months (11 November 1918), every letter is one step closer to a happy reunion for Harry and his family. I do hope when the saga is over, we'll get a thorough update on the remainder of Harry's life. Thanks for this blog and all the hard work. What a tribute to your family!

Anonymous said...

Hello Harry:
Glad to see you're still at it. Stop by for a good read about what the Americans have been up to on the Mexican Border!

Sgt. Sam Avery

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Harry is alive and well. I imagine he must be quite battle-weary at this point, though. In his last few letters he's talked about getting leave; it sounds as if he really needs one! Who wouldn't?

Cecilia in Michigan

Anonymous said...

I think it's the picture with Connie: he looks far too young (around his first birthday, perhaps?) in the other. And yes, he was a cutie! Poor Harry is missing out on so much of his young son's life, isn't he?

St Crispin said...

sadly this as true today as ever. I went to Iraq in 2004 leaving a wife & 6 month old baby. I came back to a 14 month toddler who really didn't know who I was or indeed why I was in his house with his mummy!

Anonymous said...

I too breathe a sigh of relief when I see a letter posted on here - we're getting so close to the end and I want Harry back safe and sound. Your father was an adorable little baby.

Thank you for this blog, it is a such an interesting viewpoint of history from a participant.