Scans of letter

Harry's letter to Kate, April 2nd 1918. A single sheet approx. 20cm x 17cm written on both sides. Jack's letter, written the same day is on a different type of paper. The envelope used is scanned in the previous post.
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Anonymous said...

In Harry's letter to Jac he had asked for more paper and envelopes so maybe he ran out and had to scrounge some. He often says that he will write more next time - it is like a paralysis of the mind has set in. But it is loud and clear how very special were those letters from home. France left an indelible impression, didn't it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great Blog!

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I am a letter writer and an envelope artist. I do email but it's not the same. My friends like getting my letters but they don't write back most of the time and e-mail me instead. I have a compulsion to put words on real paper.

This blog-- in addition to being fascinating, reminds me of why I write. Letters ARE appreciated.

Anonymous said...

To Tea N. Crumpet
I was in the RAF during the first gulf war and our families sent us Blueies

We used to keep them in our pockets and read them time and time again, specially when things were dull.

I remember one letter from my Girl friend at the time, It just used to keep me going when things were honestly so dull.

She remembers writting the letter spending time over a number of days trying to express what she wanted to say.

All of this is just not possible with email and I will assure you we keep this letter forever.

Btw shes my wife now.

Gägx said...

Fantastic idea... great blog...

I'm from Switzerland and in today's (Saturday, 12. April 2008) Newspaper there is a whole page about your Blog... I've scanned it and could send it to you if you like. How can I reach you?

Best wishes from Messen, Switzerland

Anonymous said...

No letter for more than two weeks! I hope Harry is alright!
My love just came back from afghanistan after 6 months, and things seemed to be just the same for Harry and him... he eagerly awaited my letters and asked me to send his favourite chocolate and salami ;) And he kept all the letters and read them when things got too rocky. It helped him to get through the hard times!

So, Ethel, Jack, Kate, keep writing! And Harry, I keep my fingers crossed for you...