Letter to Kate April 26th 1918

April 26th/4/1918
32507/9th Batt York & Lancs Regt
C Company
12 Platoon L.G.S.
Dear Kate
Just a line to let you know that I am going on alright and that I am in good health. I had a letter from Ilkeston telling me about dad, I was very sorry to hear it but it as been wonderful how he as kept up. The weather here as been very changeable just lately plenty of rain but we have had it hot now and again. We can get plenty to eat were we are just now, such as fruit and eggs. The scenery is also very pretty. did you get over to Ilkeston, if you did, how long did you stop. I have had a letter from Jack and he told me that Mr Thomas's eldest son had been killed in Palestine that is the second son he has lost it is very hard lines and I was sorry to hear it. They were both officers. one was in the West Riding's Batt. There is only one son left but he is only about 17 1/2 years.
I have put a letter for you in Ethels envelope I hope you get it alright, let me know if you get it. Write every week if you can, it does not matter if it is only just a line or two.
With Best Love


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sad and lonely he sounds in this letter. He's been such a 'rum chap', but I think you can really tell moreso in this letter than any other how much the war and time away from family is wearing on him. I wonder how he would feel to know that 100 years later, he has the hearts and best wishes of so many.


Hi guy, I´m brazilian, living in Rio, and saw a new about your idea in a newspaper at january,2008.

Congratulation, I guess that very family with relatives in wars are pleased.
It´s great tribute to Lamy´s memory.


Anonymous said...

Bill, did Harry really put the date as '2th/4/1918' or is that just a wee slip on your behalf?

The blog is compulsive reading!

Nona, London


Dear Bill.

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Best wishes, Eric Shackle (in Sydney, Australia).