More Images of Italy, Photographs.

I have received some lovely material from an additional contributor, Rocco Chiarolanza. Rocco lives locally in Italy and has taken photographs of the British military Cemeteries on the Asiago Plateau. Follow the link to the beautiful images.

Rocco has also kindly offered to take photographs of any individual graves if relatives wish. Please email me if you have a special request. Many thanks Rocco.

Link to Rocco's photographs.

Jono Wood has also provided two more of his topographical images showing the latest movements.
Click here for topographical views


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Rocco! The pictures are very serene, with no traces of the war other than their own gravestones; also very sad, to think of these small outposts of the fallen, so very far from home. I wonder if the families, when they were notified, were also told where their loved ones were buried. (It was probably unlikely that the majority of the families could have made the journey to these small faraway cemeteries, but I'm sure it would have been nice to know where they were!)

anj said...

Vera Brittain's (Testament of Youth) brother Edward was killed and buried at Granezza, Asiago Plateau 1918. Is this anywhere near where these photo's were taken? Read the account of the battle in 'Vera Brittain, A Life" by Paul Berry and Mark Bostridge (page 131).

Rocco said...

Yes, it's exatly on that place! Edward's burial stone is in The Granezza cemetery, 2nd row, on the left.