Please be patient

There is a gap in the letters at the moment which I can't explain. Maybe there was a small bundle that was lost. I just don't know. Maybe Harry had a leave during this time and so didn't write letters. All I can do in this gap is to keep you up to date with his Unit's War Diary. We can see from that that Harry is not seeing too much action.

If you're new to blogs, this may be quite difficult to follow sensibly. Unlike a standard diary, blogs work in reverse. The older material is at the bottom, the newest stuff is at the top.


Anonymous said...

What makes this hard to follow is NOT the reverse order, but the extraneous material shuffled amongst the actual letters, which are phenomenal

Anonymous said...

Boy do I agree with that statement.. The letters are great.. but the comments are not needed or just make them as mouse overs.. and WHY DO a BLOG.. just build a web site around this wonderful information .and DUMP All the ad's
This coul dbe such a great learning tool.. but a BLOG is not the way to go.. SIGH