More on the War Diaries

I have decide that, in parallel with the blog, I'll keep the War Diaries of the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment up to date.

There is, virtually, an entry every day so that the reader can get an overview of what was happening to the whole Battalion. This should complement Harry's letters extremely well. (They are going to restart very shortly).

Today, I have put on the entry for 27th August 1917 when they remained at "Chateau Segard". Up to know I haven't found any modern record of the Chateau. Can anyone help? It is mentioned in several WW1 documents and appears to be a training centre of sorts. Maybe it was destroyed in that war.

(Update - I have discovered that Chateau Segard is no more. The location is now a farm. All that remains of the Chateau is two pillars beside the road.)

The link to the war diaries is at the top left of this blog.

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Anonymous said...

I am a huge history buff, especially where military conflicts are concerned. This kind of insight regarding a man in the midst of such a conflict is priceless to me.
I found out about this site by accident yesterday while looking up other info on WW1, and am already caught up on all dispatches and letters. I find myself refreshing the pages in hopes of finding something new immediately - or perhaps something I've missed (not likely).
As I read the letters and reports, and view the various pictures, my mind is putting me right there with him (as best my imagination can, having only movies to go by).
Thank you very much for sharing this story!
Sean McCormick
Dallas, Texas, USA