Harry's 30th Birthday

Harry's birthday has shifted a little. I was always told that he was born in 1888. However, anyone carefully following the Blog, will have noticed that the year of his birth changed to 1887.

I recently discovered the record of his birth registration indicated as September 1887 and have just received a copy of Harry's birth certificate with date of birth recorded as 28th August 1887, registered, of course in September.

In the same package I received the birth certificate of Willie's older brother Arthur, Harry's other son, born 1914, died in infancy.

This means that this card would have been sent to Harry a couple of weeks ago (Blog calender).

One can only imagine how Harry would have treasured this.

I have no further information about it.

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Harry lover said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!