Wonderful comments from readers. 20th August

I've collected together the generous comments that readers have made about the blog and the letters. Click here to read them.

Readers Comments - Updated Version

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Colorado High said...

What a wonderful tribute to all those that served in World War I.
Just a possible correction. The letters posted May 14, 2007 with two letters. One to Kate where did not have an address to give her to write back dated The same day 1917. The second letter to Jack could not have been written the same days as he gave Jack a mailing address to send letters to. So the letter to Jack must have been wriitten sometime previous to the letter Kate because he gave Jack the address to the West York and he told Kate that he was transfered from the West York to ninth Bat York & Lancaster so the 9th Bat York and Lancaster May14, 2007.
Weather it is correct or not it is a very moving site.
R. K. Staggers