24th June - Post Radiotherapy

I haven't posted for a while for the simple reason I didn't know what to say - dad has been in the local community hospital for about a month and we were all feeling incredibly pessimistic about the future. He has been slowly declining in terms of his general health and so when he was sent to Treliske for his last set of scans we were all prepared for the worst.

Somehow, however, we have had good news back and have been told that the radiotherapy has led the the tumour shrinking - this has surprised and amazed us all and we are now working towards dad coming home from hospital, albeit with a lot of care in place. The good news seems to have given him the kick up the backside he needed and he has begun to speak more clearly and become more enthusiastic about trying out physiotherapy in order to become more independent - this is particularly important now that Pete is off to uni in September and it is highly likely that we will need to find some sort of live in care for him, unless there are significant improvements in the next two months.

Nevertheless it is great to have some good news and we are all smiling and optimistic!

Anyway, thank you, as always, for all of your love and support


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David in SK, Canada said...

Wonderful! As important as the physical may be, that kick up the backside and positive mental attitude is even more relevant. Definitely welcome news and a step in the right direction.

Oh, and I will check out your blog too...

Anonymous said...

I had been wondering - Excellent news indeed. Let's hope the corner has been turned! Thanks for keepinf us up to date - Best wishes to you all.
Paul - New Zealand

Mark said...

Thats great news !

Deniz Bevan said...

That's great to hear!

Linda H-F said...

Haven't checked the blog in a while but have continued to hope and pray... so glad to find this news!

babu21 said...

Thats good information. I hope you keep it continue.