Unabridged Audiobook is Released

The unabridged audiobook of Letters from the Trenches was released by Whole Story Audio Books on 1st March.  click here.

The site contains a downloadable clip. I've just listened and, to my great relief, really like it. I was so disappointed when the short extract came to an end. I think the whole book will be going on my MP3 player as soon as I get my copy.

Geoff Annis, reading it, is quite believable as an East Midlands boy. It was quite strange listening to him saying my own words as he read from the introduction.

Have a listen to the clip and add a comment here. All welcomed - complimentary or not. Thank you.

Apologies to world -wide readers. I've just been informed that the publisher doesn't have the right to distribute outside the European Union. I'll try to find out more. Bill


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when we might see the next update on the characters involved in the story

Pte Harry Lamin said...

I'm just finishing off Ethel's story. It's quite a difficult one to get right. Bill

Anonymous said...

Bill i have just listened to the clip and i like the way the book is presented, well done and top marks again! best wishes, Joan