Comments - An extra step required, Apologies

I'm afraid that, recently, I've been getting quite overwhelmed with advertising masquerading as comments. Some have contained quite offensive material. After three and a half years (not a bad innings) I've had to turn on the word verification thing to intercept the automated "spam". That should reduce the moderation load a little.

I'm sorry if this  is a nuisance for you, but please, please don't stop making the comments. They are one of the really rewarding features of this adventure.

Bill Lamin


Botogol said...

Bill, Blogger has a helpful setting to require on moderation only post over [X] days old.

This is useful - real people mostly commenting on new posts, so they aren't affected, Spam is much more random and, more often than not is on an old post so is caught.

You'll find it on the settings.

Anonymous said...

Bill: the price of success! Think of it --- if you had a boring little blog that nobody ever read, the spammers wouldn't bother. Anyway, thanks for doing this, and we DO appreciate all the work you've put into it.