Questions in the House, 28th December 1919.

With Harry in Italy for Christmas, questions were asked in the British Parliament's House of Commons, about Him and the other soldiers left in Italy. Winston Churchill provided the answers.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY asked the Secretary of State for War how many British troops are now in Italy; and for what purpose they are still in that country?
§Mr. CHURCHILL The present ration strength of troops in Italy is 3,250, including sick in hospital. These troops are required, partly for the guarding of Austrian prisoners, who number about 2,300, and partly for the custody, storage and handling of surplus Army stores which have been handed over to the Disposal Board, and are awaiting disposal. The prisoners will shortly be repatriated, and the Ministry of Munitions, I understand, anticipate that the disposal of the surplus stores will be effected in some six weeks' time or less.

Perhaps the end is in sight for Harry and his comrades. Thanks to Rocco for spotting it BL

Please note this is slightly out of Chronological order (a day or two early) but this is a deliberate decision. BL


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colagirl said...

Best Christmas wishes to Harry and here's hoping he makes it home soon!

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

Julian Blackmore said...

Bill, posting Harry's letters on the anniversary they were sent was pure genius. The experience of reading them piecemeal, not knowing when the next one would arrive or when and if Harry would make it back home has been truly wonderful. I now feel I have a far better insight not only into the experiences of 'ordinary' British soliders, but also how things were for for their families back home. Many, many thanks for Harry's blog!