27th December 1919. Harry's on the move!!

Harry's written this card to Jack on  27th December reporting that he'll be on the move on  the 29th.  Coincidentally, the Card shows Tortona - the same location as his first card from Italy back in November 1917. Then, he bought the card as the troop train stopped on the way to the front. Perhaps this will be his last stop before leaving Italy. Note that it's been "Passed by Censor". That must be a relief. I suppose that the military machine is always insecure. (I have just inserted a scan of that first card - not originally on the posting. Click on the link above to view it and see if Harry's writing has changed much in the intervening two years. BL)

Dec 27/ 1919

Dear Jack

Just a line to let you know that I have received the tin of tobacco. I was very pleased with it. Do not write again till you here from me as I am moving from this place on the 29 Dec. Will send post card as soon as possible.

Tortona is a few Kilometres to the North of Arquata Scrivia, his base for the last few months.  The town is on the main railway line across the North of Italy, towards France


Anonymous said...

Moving to Tortona, a town on the main railway line: Harry must be so hopeful that maybe now, finally!, he might be moving one step closer to home. This postcard doesn't say anything like that, but I imagine he wouldn't want to suggest it either, in case he gets stuck somewhere yet again.

Anonymous said...

I love this site! Thank you sooo much for all your posts!

Anonymous said...

I'm Flavie.I write you to thank you.Because last friday I asked you one question so thanks for your interview.Bye

Xavier said...

Thank you very much.I love your website.I'm a high school student in Lebrun in Coutances in France. Thank for the interview in last week :)

Anonymous said...

Bill, we are two French high school students, from Lebrun, in Coutances. This blog is a good idea. We have learnt many things about the war and soldiers thanks to you. These letters are really precious and you knew how to make good use of them. The interview was very interesting and we felt many emotions during this moment. Thank you very much for this time with us. Bye. And good luck!

Adeline and Justine.