Letter to Jack 22nd June 1919

22nd June1919 was a Sunday, generally a rest day with time to catch up with letters. Harry's last letter was 1st June, also a Sunday..

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June 22/19

Dear Jack
Just a line to let you know that I have received your letter and the towel you sent it is very good of you to send it. Ethel and Annie wants me to try and get home on leave for August, but its no use me asking from this end there is some men here now with 18 months in without leave although they are going
on leave from Fiume with eight months if they write for leave they want to send to the war office as it is no use at all sending here. any way I hope to be home on leave by October as I think it will get down to twelve months when peace is signed let me know as soon as that happens as we dont here much out here. I am still officers servant and cook but I dont know how long it will last. Do you think you could send Ethel 10/- a month and begin in the first week in July and then the first week in August till I get a leave and then I might draw some credits. No doubt they will ask you to write for a special leave if you do write to the war office as I should like to get home when things break up, any way let me know what you think best. Write as often as you can and let me know all the news, do you think the Germans will sign peace, if they do we should be demobed in six months time. I shall be very pleased to get out of it although I have not done any drilling now for about six months and I have always had eggs and bacon for breakfast while I have been a this country place and plenty of new potatoes and fruit I was surprised at the Derby winner. I will write a line to Mrs Higgins when I have time and tell her that I did not receive her parcel which she sent at christmas. Are you going home for Annie wedding she told me in her last letter that she had wrote and ask you, let me know if you do, Ethel tells me that they have given notice at Whitworth Rd. I dont think it will be very healthy for Willie at Mill street. I hope she gets another house. Write as often as you can hoping you and Agnes are keeping in the best of health.
With Best Love

32507 9th Y+L
attached Royal Munster Fusiliers
A.P.O. Box.R. L.1
I.E.F Italy

put R.M.F in full

There is still no indication of when Harry will be getting home. This letter talks of "leave" in October - very different from demobilisation. Harry's last (only) leave was in September 1918.

He seems aware that the statesmen are meeting in Paris to work out a peace treaty that will finally, formally end the hostilities.

10/- means 10 shillings which was equivalent to £0.50, worth about £25 in todays values. I don't think Harry is missing the drilling and marching
. BL


Anonymous said...

No, he's not missing the drilling, but he sure seems to appreciate the decent food he's getting!

The co-ordinator said...

Grand Parade won the 1919 Derby.

The horse was making its seasonal debut which may have been the cause of Harry's surprise.

G. Tingey said...

Peace treaties (plural, note) were signed at/after the Versailles conference.
That covering Germany was signed 28/06/1919, and Austria (which would have included Harry in Italy, as the treaty of Saint-Germain on 10/11/1919.

So, do Harry and his new battallion start going home at the end of June, or does it all have to wait until September?
I know SOME people were not demobbed until 1920 had arrived ...

Sgt Sam Avery said...

Hello Harry:
No drilling but eggs and bacon every day, some class, what? I'd be happy to not have leave from that camp. Trade places with you anytime. We had an affair with the Boshe the other day and they had the worst of the argument, believe me. Very soon to leave this sector and move up where the big things are doing. Stop by for a read when you have the chance.


Kittybriton said...

Well after all this hanging around, at least it sounds as if you're getting some decent nosh. Any idea how things are on the home front in that respect?