Prospects of Home?

Today's (Monday) entry in the Battalion's War Diary records; 'First Dispersal Draft of 55 other ranks left the Battalion for the Concentration Camp at “Tavernelle”.' The term "Concentration Camp" has all sorts of sinister connotations today. I feel that we should take the term literally, to mean that it was a camp where the soldiers, bound for home, were gathered together. Tavernelle is close to Harry's current billets. It's on the main railway line heading towards France, close to Vicenza, about 50 miles (80 Km) West of Venice.

I can confirm that Harry wasn't in that draft and so I'm afraid that he won't be home for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I was afraid Harry wouldn't make it home for Christmas. Oh well, the bright side: the was is over and he WILL make it sooner or later!

Any idea how they're choosing who goes when? At a guess, amaybe its whoever was next up for leave.

Anonymous said...

Hello Harry:
Have a merry Xmas, even still encamped at Tavernelle. That we haven't been knocked off yet is something to give thanks for at least. At Neufchateau we are continuing the hard work of being ready for the line. Stop by for a read when you can.


Unknown said...

this blog is so super-sill <3