Letter to Jack, 6th December 1918

Dec 6th 1918

9th Y & L
C Coy
12 Platoon
Dear Jack
Just a line to let you know that I have received your long letter and papers. I am very glad that you visited Kitchen’s and found them alright. He is a decent chap very quite. I hope you got the letter I sent you asking for a pipe as I have broke mine. Ethel tells me what a rum chap Willie was you cant help but laugh when you hear about him. I shall be glad when I see you all again and I hope it will not be long. I am sending you a Christmas card. I hope you get it alright.
Wishing you both a Happy Christmas and New Year.

I'm afraid that there's no sign of the Christmas card. BL


Anonymous said...

Hello Harry:
Glad to hear you are getting along well. I'm still in the same place in France for training. We have our helmets & gas masks now and have buried the first dead from sickness. We will be here awhile yet. Stop by for a read when you have the chance.


Mark Sullivan said...

What a cheerful letter. I'm glad Harry is still doing fine. I hope he does indeed get home before too long. It's amazing he had access to a Christmas card to be able to send home.

Anonymous said...

I hope harry gets home for christmas

Karoline said...

Hey. Ive been following this blog for over a year now, and just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you made this. Earlier my teacher ruind my interests for both world wars. But this blog has made me more aware, and interested in this part of history. Thank you so much for that!
I also feel like I know Harry now, its been great following him!