Maps of the Italian Front and Background Information

A retired Officer from the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding), Jono Wood, has worked with The War Diaries and prepared some wonderful slides that give a picture of the topography of the Italian Front. Until this was produced I was working with a list of largely meaningless Italian place names.

Thanks to Jono we can get a much clearer image of what Harry was encountering. The plain, running down towards Venice in the South, with the mountains to the North, is clearly illustrated. We can also see how the river PIAVE looks with the several streams, as mentioned in the War Diaries.

Jono would like to dedicate his contribution to to all who laid down their lives with the BEF in Italy.
Battalion Billets in December 1917
Overview of PIAVE RIVER Front
PIAVE RIVER Front, Looking West
Map showing the Route to a new location, including MOUNT GRAPPA 16th-18th February
The route back to the MONTEBELLUNA area, 25th & 26th February

Jono has also now prepared an account that gives valuable background information on the Italian campaign. Certainly, it all becomes much clearer with the additional information.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jono for these slides. They certainly help to make Harry's situation more real. At times it has been hard to imagine his daily grind. Some of the activities that the Divisions are involved with in the late winter of 1918 have the appearance of "make work" - all the marching up the hill and back again. Typical though that the CO would make them clean the billets. Bill, any chance that you might make these slides more easily accessible once this post is buried deep within the site? Also, have you managed to find out anything more about infant Arthur - or can't you talk about that just yet?

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks to Jono Wood! (I've been trying to follow Harry in an old 1931 atlas, but these are great!)

-Gustav's great-granddaughter

West Riding 2 said...

Re: the illustrative slides, it is a pleasure!

Readers might also wish to follow the military background to the British involvement in Italy. There is also written narrative covering the actual re-deployment of 23rd Division including 9 Y&L Regt from the Western Front to Italy in Autumn 1917.

By following the URL below, information concerning the journey; the move up into the Front Line; the Order of Battle of 23rd Div (all the military units involved); defensive dispositions plus a 'fly on the wall' description of what it 'might' typically have been like for Harry and the boys on overnight sentry duty and a night fighting patrol is covered.


Unknown said...

Today is March 12. It's been more than a week since he wrote any letters. I hope he's not been wounded.

Sunita said...

Many many thanks to Jono Wood! (I've been trying to follow Harry in an old 1931 atlas, but these are great!
Leo F. Swiontek