Map of the March + "View"

Jono's topgraphical view of the two days' march 16th and 17th, is now available Click Here

This card is almost certainly the "view" referred to in the letter. Interestingly, it looks as though the censor had an unsuccessful attempt to block out the location!

Click on the picture for an enlarged view.


Anonymous said...

15 kms on the first day, followed by 25 kms the very next day! To what purpose, I wonder?
Until I saw this image I had imagined them marching through land akin to the centre of my country - how wrong can one be!

Anonymous said...

Throughout WWI, armies moved mainly on foot, notably between the line and reserve and rest areas in the rear of the front, or when being redeployed to a new sector unless it was at a significant distance. Trains, and especially motor transport, were used sparingly. That's why route marches were an important part of training, so even when at rest, the soldiers continued to march. In this case Harry's unit was moving back up into the line after a period of rest and training.