Exciting new material; 28th July

I have just unearthed a tray of material that I wasn't aware existed. Most of it was from my mother's side of the family but, mixed in were several items that must have come from Ethel's belongings.

The most exciting find was this picture of Harry when he was in the army.

I can only think that the photograph was taken at the training camp but if any expert out there would like to correct me (or even confirm that view) I would be most grateful.

Harry is on the front row, extreme right. The photograph has had a tough journey. I've tried to make the best of it but decided to post it now rather than waiting for an "ideal" version.

I now have version that is "tidied up". Many thanks to John Murray.


1. The letters in the stained glass - could be "Rugeley".
2. The chap with a wrist watch on the front row. Very rare in 1917.
3. Harry's belt is upside down!

I'm also collating all the comments into one place. They have been, without exception, very pleasant, kind and encouraging.


Anonymous said...

Wristwatches rare in 1917?
The earlier order that all soldiers must wear wristwatches was what made them an acceptable masculine accessory.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Harry at least is consistent with putting on the belt up-side-down ;-)