27th July -Messines Ridge letter scans

For new users of blogs, at the risk of stating the obvious, everything is in the reverse order from that of a "normal" journal or diary.

If you want to pick up Harry's story and follow it properly, it may make sense to start with the first archive, July 2006 and to work forwards to August 2007. (Actually August 1917). (To make things even more complicated, each archive is also in reverse order - the latest material appears first!)

Today I upload scans of the letter written a few days after the main assault at Messines Ridge.

This letter to Harry's brother Jack was written on June 11th. The main assault that was described in the letter took place on the 7th June but the battle continued until 14th.

Click on the letters for an enlarged view.

Note that the last page is on a completely different type of paper!

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