Making History - Radio 4

We've had a request from a gentleman at the BBC to use some of Harry's letters in a radio 4 programme following up a listener’s search for information about her grandfather’s war service in Italy in 1918.

It will be aired on BBC radio 4 on Tuesday 23rd August at 3pm.

Hope you can tune in



Anonymous said...

How exciting - it´s lovely that what your father started has prompted others to look back and remember.

Unknown said...

My name is Tony McNally I am a British Falklands War veteran who has PTSD due to my military service. More of my fellow soldiers have taken their own lives 300+ than the 255 that where killed in action during the brief but savage eight week War. I have found that writing poetry has been therapeutic in self helping my condition and I advice others to maybe try writing things down. In the UK we are way behind the US in understanding and treating veterans with PTSD and sadly this stigma attached to mental health contributes to suicides. I want to help raise awareness and desperately need money for veterans charities like Talking2minds started by a former SAS soldier. My aim is to write a book of poetry which I have now opened up to short stories, photographs, anything you feel relevant to traumatic events. Material is welcome from non military sources, Paramedics, Fire-fighters, nurses , Police Officers who has something to say but also wants to help. This is a pro bono project and you can keep your copyright. You may contact this amazing lady based in the US, Remy a fabulous Champion of veterans with PTSD here at with your word contribution. 

Thank You


Neil Macdonald said...

I've somehow stumbled upon this after some random searching on my past. I was looking up my old school and my first form tutor from Pool School in 1986, in form 1-6, Mr Lamin, Mr Bill Lamin. In the year of around 1990 he and Mr Clayton setup for a group of the tech geeks amongst us to be 'technicians' in the computer lab. This generally involved being allowed to hang around the computer lab, messing about with soldering irons and cleaning the BBC B micro's 'sideways RAM'. There was myself, Darren Stranks, Nigel Thompson and a few others. I took it on from there. I did return to the school a year after to pop back and say hello in an attempt to collect my final year project. I was lucky enough to bump into Mr Lamin again. By this time Id started a diploma in electronics. I'll never forget what he said next, 'how boring'...hahaaa. I think he kind of new I should have been doing something more software related and retrospectively he was right. I however ploughed on, got a degree in electronics (it wasnt that boring) and I now work for a successful company delivering the future of enterprise network attached storage, we've just been bought by Hitachi. Im not sure if you/he will remember me but I just wanted to say that Im really sorry to hear he is not well and wish a very speedy recovery. I also wanted to just say, thank you. I wasnt the most academic person but I did like fiddling with technology. He let me. I realise none of this has anything to do with the sole purpose of this blog but I simply couldn't bump into it without leaving some sort of comment. Neil Macdonald, of Form 1-6, 1986.

Janell said...

Thinking of Bill, Catherine and the rest of the family every day.

Anonymous said...

Bill and Catherine,

Just want you to know we still check the Blog and are thinking about/praying for you. If/as you are willing to do so, updates are appreciated.

So grateful for your Grandfather's story, Bill, and for all the work you put on this blog.

Linda H-F, near San Francisco, CA U.S.A.