An update

Sorry to hijack this blog, but after all of the lovely comments from readers I felt it was important to update you all on what was going on.

After some more inconclusive tests, the doctor down in Cornwall decided that it was better to start dad on chemotherapy ASAP, because he has been so weak they changed from their original plan of one type of chemo, a few weeks break then the other, to just giving him both types at once in order to get him on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

He started the chemo on Friday evening and I believe finished it yesterday or Monday. I spoke to him yesterday and although he complained of feeling no better, and that everything they gave him tasted funny, even the water, he sounded much more like his old self (he wouldn't believe me though!). After several weeks of struggling to understand him on the phone, he finally sounded much clearer again.

He's hoping to be out of hospital on Friday or Saturday, but it depends how his immune copes, and hopefully he'll be able to update you on his progress himself, but we'll have to wait and see.

Thank you again for all your kind words, it has meant a lot to all of us to know that so many people care.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone appreciates the update Catherine; it's kind of you to take the time when you must have so much more on your mind. Here's hoping your father continues to progress.

David said...

Absolutely! Thank you so much and all best wishes for health and happiness to you, your Dad, and all the family.

As a brain tumour survivor myself, and having lost my own Dad to cancer in 1985, I share your emotions and hope. I'm rooting for all of you.

David in Canada

Linda Gartz said...

Thank you for the updates. Your Dad's blog was an inspiration for me to start my blog based on family letters and diaries. I certainly wish all the best for his continued recovery. I'm not sure if this is the latest post -- these posts don't seem to be dated. But send him my best. He was kind enough in an email exchange to share his experiences creating the blog and the publicity and good will it engendered.

Linda Gartz said...

Please give my best to your dad. He inspired me to start my own blog of family letters and diaries.