World War 1 Ends Officially in 2010

Astonishingly, the final event of The Great War has taken place, 92 years after the end of hostilities. With the final installment of the reparations to be paid by Germany to France, the book can, finally be closed.

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First World War officially ends - Telegraph  


egad apparel said...

World War 1 hasn't ended until now? It doesn't pay to start genocidal wars and lose.

v said...

Thank you so much for the blog.

I am just about of your generation, but my children have the unusual distinction that their maternal and paternal grandfathers were in opposing trenches in WWI.

Both survived that war, neither would talk about it. (Although I do have some notes written in my grandfather's Army-issue New Testament and the wee Bible given to him by my Grannie. They included the note "taken prisoner by The Hun".)

My Scots grandfather lived on, though a family heart condition took him too young.

My German grandfather-in-law, a railway worker, happened to be a German working man in the wrong place in 1945 and was taken away - he never re-appeared. His wife had to take a daughter, toddler and baby granddaughters 400 miles on foot back home through the Russian army.

War forces ordinary people to live in circumstances of utter extremity, and some coped in any way known to human beings - other don't find any way to cope. And it goes on, every day somewhere on the globe.

I take school groups to places where they may catch just a little notion of what that is about.

Keep the faith in the telling of the stories!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Wow, I didn't know this.