More news.

Marek Vašut has approached me asking if I would mind if he produced a Czech version of Harry's Blog. Mind? I'm delighted.

Marek has made a start and his initial efforts can be found  Here

Finding that the current version of audio book is not available outside the European Union, I am recording readings of each of Harry's letters. This, rather than an audio version of the whole book, could act as a companion to the book.

I should have the right sort of accent as I was born and brought up in the same town as Harry. Watch this space for details and availability.

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Feldpostblog said...

First, thanks for the inspiration. I`m a real big fan of your blog and it was a great time to read so many things about Harry. Without it, the idea for my own "project" would still be a dream.
And now, I start my own blog with the same background.400 letters from my grandpa and many photos, maps and answers are uploaded soon.

Thanks for the great time!
(english version is in progress-and a translator with a better english will do this job ;))