Card to Jack, 6th January 1920. On the way!

Jan 6/1920
Dear Jack
Just a line to let you know that I am alright. We have left Marseilles after having three days their. We were allowed out. its a fine big city and you meet all sorts  of people. At present I am in Calais and hope to be in England by Thursday at Ripon if good luck. Hope to be seeing you soon. With love Harry

Nearly home! I would think that a train from Marseilles, retracing the route he took in November 1917, is the most likely method of travel. 3 days in Marseilles, 24 hours in the troop train - that about accounts for all the time. I wonder what "all sorts of people " encompasses.

The YMCA have put their own postmark on the card. Harry must have stayed in Hut 2 in Calais.

Ripon is in Yorkshire, not too far from Jack's home. 6th January would have been a Tuesday in 1920 so, if he thinks he'll be in Ripon by Thursday, things will have to move quickly. 


Greg. Tingey said...

Not so slow, actually!
I have a copy of the 1922 "Bradshaw", in which the best and "normal" trains London / Paris / Marseilles are advertised...
Marseilles to Paris Best (1st class de luxe only) 11 hours, normal 24 hours.
Paris / Boulogne 3.5 and 5 hours repectively.
So a troop-train taking three days, with food/water/facilities stops is not too bad at all.

I would assume he would "overnight at Calais, march to the steamer, and then either get on a direct troop-train for Yorkshire, since, with a double engine-change, a troop-train could have gone through what is now called "thameslink", or go in two stages changing Charing Cross / Kings Cross ....

Unknown said...

My Lord, home for the weekend. What am I going to do next week. Time to buy the book.

Kittybriton said...

We kept the home fires burning
While our hearts were yearning
Though you have been far away
We'll welcome you home!

Anonymous said...

On one hand, I'm almost believing he's nearing home; on the other, a pessimism born of watching the Army mess up his leaves and demobilization still has me worried.... Harry's getting close, but he's not there yet.

We hope to see you safe at home soon, Harry!

Sgt Sam Avery said...

Hello Harry:
Glad to hear you are finally on the move for home. We have also moved to Sarrey and are waiting for the next move if and when it comes. As long as we don't head to Russia, which is possible. Stop by for a read when you can.