Big thank you to Rocco and Family

I really must express a public and sincere thank you to Rocco and his family for their superb hospitality during my visit to Italy.

It was wonderful to be treated as one of the family and to be made so welcome in their home. It was very brave to have invited a strange Englishman. It could have been an extremely uncomfortable few days. (I certainly hope it wasn't.)

Especial thanks to Fulvia, Rocco's wife for her kindness and the wonderful evening meals that we enjoyed after each hard day's trek. It was a fantastic way to experience authentic Italian cooking.

The visit was particularly good as, with Rocco's local knowledge, it was possible to cover a lot of the important places in Harry's story. I just had to present myself for an eight o' clock start and my host did the rest.

The rest of his family also made me so welcome and seemed very pleased to practice their excellent English. We all learned to use the word "replete" after Fulvia's meals. Federico generously allowed me to play his guitar and Rocco's two lovely daughters Verena and Margherita were always helpful with the translations when language got in the way.

Thank you. I hope I'll be able to repay the hospitality one day.


Rocco said...

We do believe you are sincere...except about the "excellent English". Too generous!

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We recommend Bill as a guest to everybody. Try to believe!

Therese said...

Thankyou for the great photos of your stay with Rocco and his family, the country is truely beautiful, but you can imagine what it must have been like for Harry back then, the country side would have been much changed due to the war.
I have truely have enjoyed Harrys blog, you have done a wonderful job, and I look forward to the next instalment.
Therese from Australia

Anonymous said...

Dera Bill,
My uncle served in North Africa in WW2 and was taken to Italy as a POW. He was killed in an allied air strike against a German munitions train at L'Aquila in December 1943. I intend to visit his grave in Ancona next year. I didn't realise that UK trrops were also on the Italian front in WWI. Thanks for highlighting bthis in "real time" blog mode straight to modern day !


Nigel from Nottingham (another link !)