Progress on the Book

The publication date of the book approaches and I'm now getting the final few tasks to complete before the whole package goes off to the printers. There's still time for a final revison, but not much can be changed at this late stage.

It was quite a challenge to convert the material from the blog into book form. Of course, it had to be a different product but it has been really important to retain the simplicity and freshness of the original.

Today I received the proofs of the artwork - the layout of the book with the illustrations. I am totally overwhelmed. If you enjoyed the blog, I'm sure that you'll treasure the book.

I had all sorts of ideas of the way the book would look and "feel". This has exceeded all expectations. (I know it's my book and that may well not be a strictly objective view!)


Anonymous said...

"pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli"
(according to the capabilities of the reader, books have their own fate)
Maurus Terentius - II century a. C.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you really like it, cant wait for my copy to arrive