War Diary Update.

I have just received an explanation from the Public Records Office at Kew, regarding the non-availability of the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment's War Diary. Apparently, they are being used by the Ministry of Defence. I'm sure that they'll learn a great deal from them. The PRO has asked for them back but haven't indicated any timescale. "We can confirm that the document is currently in use by the Ministry of Defence. We have requested that it be returned to us so that you can place your order, and will let you know when the document is orderable once more." BL


Anonymous said...

Errr - haven't they heard of PHOTOCOPIERS?

Couldn't the people at the MoD just COPY all the post 11/11/1918 stuff, up to, say 01/01/1920, and POST it to you (or Kew) ????

Janell said...

I suspect they think you may be revealing 90-year-old Military Secrets!!!! God forbid that anyone should discover how unnecessary and what a waste of good lives that one was.