The Piave River Italy - Military reenactment

Rocco, a reader from Italy has just sent a link to a set of photographs of a reenactment of the crossing of the Piave in October 1918.

It may be of interest to readers. there are some good shots of the topography.

I had heard that the York & Lancaster Regiment reenactment Society were to be represented, so the British soldiers that can be seen may be them. (Although I thought that the leather waistcoats were of Royal Artillery issue.)

The event took place on 25th October. Click Here


Janell said...

How fascinating to see the topography of the area and the reenactment of the 1918 crossing of the Paive. Thanks to Rocco for providing these and the earlier stunning photographs of the British Cemeteries.

Joanna said...

Fascinating. I had no idea that re-enactment took place outside the British Isles ;)

I've only recently discovered your site, and haven't yet had time to go back to the beginning, but will do so soon. My grandparents served in a Red X unit in Italy at this time. Most of the research I have done so far is about the battles of the Isonzo - a fascinating place to visit, if you ever get the chance. I found it extraordinary/happy/sad/etc that the border these soldiers fought over for so long is now effectively non-existent, since Slovenia joined the EU.

Best wishes,

All Blog Spots said...

Thanks to Rocco for providing these and the earlier stunning photographs of the British Cemeteries.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm one of the Tommy's that were flown over for this event. There was indeed a member of the Y&L's group there representing the Regiment, personally I was representing the West Yorkshire Regiment. If you'd like to get in touch with him, let me know and i'll forward his e-mail.

Regards, Rob Langham

Anonymous said...

I was one of the Tommy's that was there. My group The "Old Contemptibles" Great War Living History Group were there with the Great War Society.

I was Badged as a Royal Welsh Fusilier other regiments we represented were the Worcesters, Royal West Kents, Yorks and Lancs, Middlesex and Royal Warwicks.

The leather Jerkins were standard issue and were used by the infantry.

There were over two hundred Living Historians who took part but only eight of us were British.