Harry's Stamps, Available now,

The set of postage stamps dedicated to the World War One servicemen is now available. Followers of Harry's progress may wish to buy the "Harry Sheet", six stamps with Harry's picture and a short quotation from one of his letters.

The complete set celebrates six different servicemen, with quotations from each. The set is also available through the website.

To see details of what is on offer, and how to order click here.



Leah J. F. said...

Those stamps are amazing! Congradulations on having started something so wonderful! I wish there was a Canadian version of those stamps.

I've been advertising Harry's blog on mine, which was started for assignments in one of my University courses.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great blog! I just happened upon it after launching my own site where I republish the diary my grandfather wrote when he was deported as a forced laborer during WWII.
Here's the link: