Stunning photographs from Rocco Chiarolanza

This is an example of the photographs produced by Rocco of the Military Cemeteries on the Asiago Plateau. I think that it is a stunning and evocative picture. (Click on the picture to enlarge.) Link to Rocco's Pictures.

LUX PERPETUA LUCEAT EIS (Let light perpetual shine upon them)

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope Harry hasnt a headstone in these pics....god i hope he gets home in one piece. Lest We Forget

Anonymous said...

They are indeed stunning pictures, and it's good to know that these hallowed places are so well looked after. Rocco, you're a wonderful photographer, and I hope you send many more!

But a question: the cemetery seems divided by those stone walls into sections. The 'central' section, the one with the altar?, has a small flag on the side of each individual marker. Most, but not all, of the flags appear to be Italian, as well as the three stripes of color laid into the grass. Am I right in guessing the soldiers in that section are the local boys, so to speak, and are the other sections also laid out by nationality?

EPILEPSY said...

Hi ! As for me, the scenery of the cemetery is common. Sorry Rocco for giving this true comment since the photograph may be mainly influenced by the sunlight. That's why the photograph looks stunning !