Letter to Jack, 18th February 1918

Feb 18th/1918

32507/9th Batt York & Lancs
C Company
12 Platoon L.G.S.

Dear Jack
I am pleased to hear that you are both getting on well. the weather here is still very cold . we are very near the mountains now. I expect we shall get it hot when the weather does change. I should not be surprised if we don't have another move before long. I have been alright in Italy up to now. I hope to remain so. We cannot grumble at the quiet time we have had. Glad to hear that they are going on alright at Ilkeston. I think they would have been to see you only the train fare is such a lot of money. I was very pleased with the two papers you sent it was just what I wanted. there is some grand scenery round here it would be alright for a holiday in peace time, but I dont know when that will be. I hope it will not be long as I am ready to get back any time. What had Aunt annie to say did she stay long at Uncle Shelton's it was a very sad affair and I was very sorry. It will soon be Willie birthday again in March. but I dont suppose I shall be able to send anything as there is not much to get here. Write as often as you can.
With best Love
to you both

Willie will be two on March 23rd.BL


Anonymous said...

Any idea which papers Jack sent him? And who is Uncle Shelton? Harry seems to be losing relatives a bit at the moment. What a master of understatement - "ready to get back any time".

Anonymous said...

Harry sure seems depressed, but also he's trying to keep his letters upbeat.

Is Uncle Shelton connected to the Uncle or Jack Bonser he's previously mentioned dying?

Hang in there, Harry, we're all pulling for you to make it home!

-Gustav's great-granddaughter

michelle hays said...

poor harry. I wonder if he ever got sick. Im sure of it, but he never complains.

Anonymous said...

"there is some grand scenery round here it would be alright for a holiday in peace time, but I dont know when that will be."

That might be the most poignant thing I've ever read.

The blog is fascinating - thank you for doing this! I hope to find in the end that Harry has survived and gone home to his family.

Anonymous said...

The mention of Willie's birthday coming up made me think, he would be of age to serve in the second world war in 1939. Did he also serve King and country? If so, it would make an interesting post script to this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear from Harry - I had worried they had transferred him again, or something else unfortunate had happened.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this fascinating piece of history with us all.

Harry certainly teaches the ultimate lesson in endurance and patience. What a wonderful legacy.

Anonymous said...

18th February 1918 was my grandfathers 4th birthday. I would like to know if he realised the war as he was a little child.He died in 1987. But my grandmother is still alive, 94 years old and if she reminds anything it will be the first and second war.