Link to readings of letters

15th June 1917

The following audio files are now available .

BBC "Five Live" interview with Harry's grandson.
BBC World Service broadcast about the Blog
Harry's Grandson reading a letter to brother Jack after Messines Ridge

Harry's Grandson reading a letter to sister Kate after MessinesRidge

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latoga said...

Wonderful blog (in both concept and content), the idea really resonated with me as I am working on genealogy research for my family's history.

I wanted to share a link to a news program that ran on Public Radio here in the States (I heard it on my local station here in San Francisco). It was a nice piece about your blog and lead me to you....

You can listen to this news bit at the following link:

Eagerly waiting for the next letter in the story...

Anonymous said...

Really good blog - my father and two of his close relatives fought in WW1 - two in Gallipoli and one in France - sadly my Father was the only one to survive -badly wounded but alive - these letters make it so much more real - what brave young men - thank you - Sheila