Arrival in France.

(No day included in the date but possibly written on Sunday 13th along with the letter to Kate)

May 1917

Dear Jack

Just a line to let you know I am alright and that I have landed in France. The weather here has been very hot. Not at all a bad sort of place. There is a pretty town about two miles away on the coast but it is out of bounds. This is my address we have got to put it in the middle of our letter. I don’t know why. 33502 Pt Lamin West York Reg number lines 33rd IBDAPO section 17 BEF France. No doubt you have read about the Arcadian going down. Well the draft to Mesopotamia which I should’ve been on had it not been for my teeth, was on it. I have heard from one that was on it. he was in the same hut as me at Rugely. I think they were about all saved. Write as soon as you get this letter as I should be going up the line of next week and perhaps get to a different regiment so write

yours truly



Sadie said...

I was wondering why he had to put the address in the middle of the letter?

CFD Ed said...

I remember bread and dripping as a child. Probably an excellent source of carbs, salt in small doses.

Anonymous said...

I just smiled as read the part about bread and dripping! My Grandad came from Derbyshire and used to eat it alot!!

Also my Mum used to say(and still does) if we asked what was for tea she would reply" bread and dripping!"

I think she was probably brought up on the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Buenisima la historia que estas publicando. Gracias por compartirlo.